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Ether Universe

The world’s first high performance cross-chain project over EOS.IO

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Connecting blockchain networks together


Distribute Value Across Chains

Users have full control over their private keys. Distributed security cryptography transaction technology is used to ensure transactions secure and immutable.


Supports 700+ cryptocurrency

The platform is compatible with most blockchain networks. It supports the cross-chain interactions across Bitcoin-like, Ethereum ERC20/21-based, and EOS-based cryptocurrencies.


Low-latency Communications

The system can allow up to 1M transactions per second and verify transactions within 5 seconds.


Ether Universe makes use of EOS.IO to establish a basechain for transaction verification and recording. By employing subchains to be compatible with different blockchains, the asset liquidity of crypto assets is made possible on Ether Universe. Combining the basechain and the subchains, associative operations like two-way anchoring shall be used to achieve cross-chain communications and transactions. This provides the system with high robustness and extensibility.

Super Nodes

48 Super Nodes Around The World

We will deploy 48 super nodes. The distributed system shall be major block producers and will provide transaction verification services.

High-speed communications

Super nodes will accept snapshots submitted by users and will make consensus among themselves, hence a few seconds will be enough to make a successful transaction.

Robust Cybersecurity

The firewalls may resist DDoS attacks up to 13 GB/s at bandwidth, and 50% super nodes being alive will be enough to keep the system working.


A distributed financial infrastructure that's connecting the world's digital assets onto a single blockchain.


Industry Applications

Applications with sophisticated logics for specific industry use may be developed with the cross-chain communication technology, e.g. payment interface.


Basic Utilities

We will provide users with basic utilities to allow non-technicians access basic functionalities like transferring and smart contract creation & audition.


APIs & Status Channels

With our APIs, developers may quickly master the arts of building applications on the platform to achieve interchain interactions for various purposes.

ETU Token Distribution (Series A)

  • Total supply: 100 billion ETU
  • Payment method: ETH
  • Token exchange rates:
    • Angel Round (Ended)
    • Series A: 1 ETH = 750,000 ETU
    • Series B: 1 ETH = 600,000 ETU

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Join our growing Telegram community of over 180,000 members!