Candy Airdrop

Check candy amount?

You can start a private conversation without bot @etu_group_bot to look up how many candies you have accumulated.

When can I receive airdrop tokens?

We have been intensively negotiating with exchange markets, and we will launch on at least one Top 15 platform within April 2018. Thank you for your patience.

When will airdrop end? Total amount?

We will be closing the airdrop event when the total amount reaches 10 billion. If you still have a lot of friends to invite, make haste.

How do I sign up for candy airdrop?

You may navigate to etu.link/i and fill the form on the page to sign up for the candy airdrop.

I didn't submit a wallet address; how will I receive my candy?

By the end of the current airdrop period, we will be launching on at least one exchange market. The market(s) will distribute the candies on our behalf to minimize the cost for transaction fees over Ethereum network.

We do this for a reason - for anti-abuse concerns. By combining multiple factors in verification procedure, we can do our best to make sure that real people like you get as many candies as possible, and for zombies as few as possible.

Token Distribution

ICO? Token Sale?

Please follow the instructions on etu.link. The ETU tokens you purchase will be transferred to you via smart contract.

Exchange rate?

In the current Angel Round token distribution, the exchange rate is 1 ETH = 1 million ETU. We will offer a 10% bonus for investments larger than 100 ETH.

Transfer failed?

Make sure that GAS is set to 85000 and GWEI is set to 9 or higher. This may be useful if you use ImToken as your wallet.

How long will Angel Round last?

We will be closing Angel Round as soon as we receive 5000 ETH in total. Should we decide to run a second round, the exchange rate would be 1 ETH = 750,000 ETU. If you would like to secure the best rate, please make haste.

Can I lookup my investment?

Visit etherscan.io and enter your wallet address.

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